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Glasshouse Collections

The perfect glasshouse designed for you

Your new glasshouse is a once in a lifetime purchase and will enhance your property and lifestyle for years to come. Depending on the look you wish to create, from traditional orangery to modern greenhouse, we can tailor your glasshouse to your exact requirements with a range of roof pitches, glass widths and colours, as well as all the accessories you are ever likely to need. 

There are standard options of course and fixed configurations in our NGS Collection, but the reason we offer you so much choice is because we want to create your perfect glasshouse. And you needn’t worry about all of this becoming overwhelming: following a one to one consultation at your home our designers will guide you through the process to ensure that we create something that will give you joy for years to come.

Built to your specification and budget

Only you know the design features that are most important to you.  You may know exactly what you’re looking for; perhaps you know what you need your glasshouse to do but are unsure of the features you require. Either way our designers will be on hand to help you relax and enjoy the process.

And because our glasshouses are completely bespoke, we can work around tricky sites, specific functionality and incorporate the design features that matter to you.

A range of finishes

Depending on your preference we offer a range of glazing materials (the most common being 4mm toughened safety glass) and finishes.  You have the option of single or double doors, colour matched to your glasshouse and tailored to your needs, with an opening wide enough for a wheelbarrow or wheelchair. 

We can powder coat your glasshouse in any colour and customers often ask us to match a particular colour.  So, whilst most of our customers opt for the muted tones of pebble, ivory or moss, if you want us to make yours fiery red to match your chilli collection, or magenta to tie in with your prized collection of pelargoniums then we can certainly do that!

All the beauty of wood without the drawbacks

For strength and ease of maintenance we manufacture from aluminium and hot dipped galvanized steel.  Our structures are designed to prevent corrosion and last a lifetime.  Unlike wood, which requires sanding and painting or staining every few years, our glasshouses simply need to be power washed to restore them to their beautiful best.  

Guaranteed for life

You can be confident that you are investing in the highest quality with a Griffin glasshouse, backed by a lifetime structural guarantee.  Every glasshouse benefits from our unique patented capping system, which insulates the glazing bar overcoming the heat-loss problems traditionally associated with aluminium structures and reducing glass slip and water leakage.  Because our structures are inherently strong, it is extremely unlikely for a pane of glass to break, even in high winds.  Our system also prevents the growth of moss and algae on the glass, making cleaning even easier. 

The ultimate in ventilation

The importance of ventilation cannot be overestimated.  To create the best possible environment for your plants it is essential to maximise the ventilation and have a good through-flow of air.  We design your glasshouse to provide the gold standard in ventilation, using the very best ventilation systems in the industry. 

Our ridge and eaves gutter design means that we can tailor the ventilation to your exact requirements and full-length ventilators can be installed to both the side and roof. 

Depending on your preference, we offer a range of hand operated and fully automatic ventilation systems.  Automatic vent units are very popular because they open and close by themselves giving you peace of mind that your glasshouse will always be fully ventilated, even when you are away on holiday in the height of summer.

Where there is no electricity supply and typically in smaller glasshouses, we tend to use Bayliss hydraulicheck autovents.  These are automatic ventilators which open and close using energy from the warmth of the sun or the surrounding air.  The hotter it gets, the wider the autovent opens and as the temperature cools the autovent closes. 

If an electricity supply is available, thermostatically controlled electric rack and pinion vent opening units can be used.  The thermostat enables you to pre-set the temperature for the vents to open and close, giving you even more control over your glasshouse environment.

The gardener’s glasshouse

Griffin designs and manufactures beautiful glasshouses for passionate gardeners.  Our glasshouses build on more than 50 years experience in the industry and offer a number of gardener friendly features such as:

  • Flexible shelving and benching to accommodate changes to your growing schemes.
  • Large covered water storage tanks so that you can store clean soft rainwater inside your glasshouse for watering your plants without shocking the roots at the height of summer.
  • Cold frames with lids especially designed not to lift off in high winds.

Each and every bespoke glasshouse is designed to fit the needs of each individual gardener.  So whether you need a warm, humid environment for your orchids, a cool shady spot for your alpines or wires to support your peaches or grapes, we can create the perfect setting for your plants.

We have teamed up with the National Gardens Scheme (NGS) to launch a collection of fixed size glasshouses for gardening enthusiasts with a 5% donation to the NGS for each of these glasshouses sold.


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