3/4 Span Greenhouses

Do you have an idea for the perfect glasshouse but a less than perfect site?

A 3/4 span Victorian greenhouse (or offset ridge) is an excellent option!

“I’ve just had greenhouses supplied and fitted by Griffin Greenhouses the look and quality are outstanding and the whole process was seamless from start to finish they are not cheap but you get a lot for your money as a professional Builder who knows workmanship and quality I could not recommend this Family run Company highly enough 5 Star.” GH

It’s ideal for scenarios such as building a greenhouse or orangery against a wall that’s not high enough for a lean-to greenhouse.


3/4 span Victorian greenhouse

How does it work?

 A valley gutter is used to attach a 3/4 span bespoke greenhouse to the wall. This is strong and wide enough to walk in for ease of maintenance.

What are these impressive greenhouses designed for?

For slopes

To look “straight” in an “out of square” garden

To go around corners!


An attractive 3/4 span structure can be designed as a free-standing greenhouse if that’s your preference.


What are the Benefits?

Key Benefits of the ¾ Span/ Greenhouse with an Offset Ridge

An offset ridge is ideal for walls that aren’t high enough to accommodate a mono-pitch/straight lean-to design at the width you require.

Additional roof ventilation to ventilate both sides of the ridge depending on the size of the structure.

Good eaves gutter height and the raised ridge of this design give a spacious feel within the glasshouse.

Griffin’s glasshouses offer these gardener-friendly features:

  • The beauty of wood without the maintenance headaches.
  • Maximum ventilation so your plants don’t dry out or suffer the effects of humidity.
  • Large covered water storage tanks for storing clean, soft rainwater inside your greenhouse. This means you can water your plants without shocking the roots at the height of summer.
  • Flexible shelving and benching to accommodate changes to your growing schemes.
  • Cold frames with lids that don’t lift off in high winds.
  • Well-sized doors allowing easy access with a wheelbarrow.


Every glasshouse is unique and so are your needs as a gardener. We can help you create the perfect environment for your plants and accessorise your glasshouse in style. Whatever your chosen style and planting plans, we can manufacture or source a full range of accessories on your behalf. We can also put you in touch with other recommended suppliers. Accessories can include:

  • Benching & shelving
  • Internal water storage solutions
  • Cold frames
  • Lighting

We’ll ensure your glasshouse is fully equipped with everything you need. Plus. we’ll gladly share our advice and experience to help you choose (and spend) wisely.

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