Griffin Glasshouses is proud to be a UK family business, with a reputation for innovative greenhouse design.

David Griffin, our founder, began creating greenhouses for commercial growers in the 1960s, pioneering several ground-breaking concepts in greenhouse design.  In the 1970s, the company brought its expertise to discerning private clients. Now Griffin is the greenhouse of choice for many individuals, estate managers and professional gardeners because they recognise that a Griffin greenhouse is the best option for their long-term growing needs.

Today, three members of David Griffin’s family manage the business.


Linda, David’s daughter, is the Managing Director.  Linda really enjoys getting to know people and sharing their joy as their often long-anticipated dream greenhouse is brought to life.


Paul, David’s great-nephew, is the Technical Director.  Paul is responsible for the in-house design and manufacturing teams which are based in the same building in Ropley, Hampshire, giving us control of every aspect of the process to create each greenhouse.


Peter, David’s son, is the Installation Director.  We always use our own installation team so we can be sure that every greenhouse meets our stringent quality standards and you’ll be thrilled with your new greenhouse (and left with a tidy site too of course).

Whatever you have in mind and wherever you are in your planning process, we are here to help you, so do get in touch as we’ll be delighted to discuss your project.

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