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If you have a high wall, then a lean-to glasshouse or orangery is a wonderful option.  The wall collects and stores the sun’s heat during the day and then emits this at night which helps maintain the glasshouse temperature.  Our beautifully designed lean-to glasshouses and orangeries usually have full length ventilation to the ridge as well as side ventilators to maximise air circulation.  The size of a lean-to glasshouse is governed by the height of the high wall.  In general, for a width of 2.4m (8 feet) the wall will needs to be at least 3.2m (10 feet 6 inches) high.   If your wall isn’t high enough, then a ¾ span (also known as an offset ridge) is a very attractive alternative. 

Griffin’s glasshouses offer these gardener-friendly features:

  • The beauty of wood without the maintenance headaches.
  • Unique patented capping system which insulates the glazing bars and reduces heat loss.
  • Maximum ventilation so that your plants won’t dry out or suffer the effects of humidity.
  • Large covered water storage tanks so that you can store clean soft rainwater inside your glasshouse for watering your plants without shocking the roots at the height of summer.
  • Flexible shelving and benching to accommodate changes to your growing schemes.
  • Cold frames with lids especially designed not to lift off in high winds.
  • Doors designed to fit a wheelbarrow.

Talk to our design specialists about how we can create a beautiful lean-to glasshouse for your garden.


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