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Why Griffin?

Beautiful glasshouses

Everything about your glasshouse (design, colour, finish and accessories) can be tailored to your individual requirements and unique surroundings and will be both a pleasure for you to use and an enhancing feature of your property for you to admire for many years to come.

The perfect glasshouse, designed especially for you

Each Griffin glasshouse is individually created for you.  Whether you are starting to “grow your own” or need a new home for your flourishing orchid collection we can create your perfect glasshouse.  Our NGS collection is a good starting point if you are a gardening enthusiast looking to make your first glasshouse investment; this includes standard designs and sizes which can be made in any colour and personalised with a range of accessories.  With our focus on bespoke design, we are often chosen for the more difficult glasshouse projects where our customers demand the highest levels of design and build quality so, whatever the style and size, you can be confident that we can deliver exactly what you have in mind – your dream glasshouse.

The gardener’s glasshouse

As a keen gardener, your priority is your plants.  We design our glasshouses to offer practical solutions to gardeners’ problems.  Excellent ventilation is vital and we offer the very best ventilation to avoid problems with your plants drying out or suffering the effects of humidity.  Cold water straight from the tap can shock plant roots in summer; our guttering enables you to collect rainwater internally which can be stored in covered troughs inside the glasshouse giving you a source of untreated temperate water.  We offer high level folding shelving and the ability for you to add and remove shelves, so that you can easily adapt your glasshouse to changes in your growing schemes.  Our cold frames have been specially designed so that the lids will not lift off in high winds.  And, of course, we make sure that you can fit a wheelbarrow through our doors!

Easy to maintain

You want to spend your time cultivating your plants not worrying about the maintenance of your glasshouse.  With this in mind, we manufacture from aluminium and steel which is powder coated in any colour of your choice giving your glasshouse all the appeal of a traditional wooden structure but without the need to sand and re-paint it every few years.  All the components we use are designed to avoid corrosion and our unique patented design provides energy-saving insulation for the aluminium glazing bar and helps reduce heat loss, glass slip and water leakage problems.  Not only is it very rare for any of our glasshouses to suffer from broken glass but our design also prevents the growth of moss and algae on the glass, making cleaning much easier.

Guaranteed for a lifetime

When you become the owner of one of our beautiful, distinctive glasshouses we offer you a lifetime structural guarantee so you can be confident that you are investing in the best.  The commercial quality of our past is still evident in our production today.  All our glasshouses are designed using the latest computer aided design software and are inherently strong, with every component calculated to be durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Our in-house design and manufacturing teams work in the same building and we only use our own installation team; this enables us to control the quality of each of our glasshouses from start to finish, ensuring that you will be delighted with the end result.

Personal service

A new glasshouse is a once in a lifetime purchase and we understand how important it is for you to get it right.  With 3 family members working within the company, Griffin Glasshouses can claim to be a true family business and our customers greatly value the personal service we provide from the initial enquiry through to the finished glasshouse, indeed many of our customers recommend us to their friends.  We will meet with you, use our expertise to understand your specific needs and guide you through the decision process, design your glasshouse especially for you, manufacture, deliver and build it, leaving you with a beautifully functional glasshouse and a clean and tidy site.  Once your glasshouse is installed if you ever have any problems we are happy to assist with everything from helping you with the simple task of replacing a pane of glass to moving or even extending your glasshouse.

Over 50 years of expertise

You will be in excellent company as the proud owner of a Griffin glasshouse.  Griffin has been designing made to measure glasshouses and greenhouses since the early 1960s.  With a history of innovating glasshouse design for the commercial sector, the company started to build glasshouses for discerning private clients including many professional gardeners in the 1970s.  Now, with glasshouses installed in the UK and all over the world, Griffin continues to be the choice of many estate managers and discerning professional gardeners today.


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