High quality aluminium greenhouse

We accept that we have a responsibility to keep our impact on the environment to an absolute minimum.

Through our business and manufacturing activities, we act positively to reduce or eliminate waste and pollution by:

  • Sourcing our materials through British companies and using local suppliers where possible.
  • Reusing and recycling all packaging received from suppliers and, where possible, passing it on to other businesses to use as a resource.
  • Recover all packaging on supplied goods to ensure it is reused/recycled/disposed of responsibly.
  • Using our raw materials economically.
  • Minimising waste generated.
  • Addressing environmental responsibilities within the framework of normal work practices, procedures and methods of operation.
  • Encouraging clients to use our products and services in an environmentally-sensitive way.
  • Designing our products to be sustainable (structurally sound for many decades).
  • Using timber sparingly, but when used we always use FSC approved timber.