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Sage 2.6m x 4.9m

This pretty greenhouse’s standout feature is its feature porch. Furthermore, it’s a practical investment thanks to these features:

Plenty of space for your plants

Many options for shelves, benches and beds

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Selecting Your National Garden Scheme Greenhouse

Now, with multiple National Garden Scheme greenhouses to pick from, how do you know which one will work for you? 

Don’t worry! We’ll discuss all relevant information with you at the outset. Together, we’ll discover the ideal Victorian greenhouse solution.

We will consider the following:

  • Garden size
  • Orientation
  • Distance from fences, so they don’t block the light
  • Planning permission
  • Positioning the widest part of the greenhouse to face South or placing it against a wall to benefit from the heat

We’ll assist with all these considerations. Let’s help you make the best, long-term decision for your plants. 

Why Pick a Griffin National Garden Scheme Greenhouse?

All of our National Garden Scheme greenhouses come with exceptional benefits. Some features you’ll get from no other greenhouse supplier but Griffin:

  • A unique internal rainwater collection system
  • Enhanced Victorian glazing systems that are unique to Griffin
  • We offer expert advice to help you make the right decisions and investments
  • Your choice of benches with galvanized steel mesh or aluminium sheet with hydroleca clay beads
  • Custom designs 

What Will My National Garden Scheme Greenhouse Cost?

National Garden Scheme greenhouses have set designs and set prices for all customers in Mainland England and Wales. When you order a glasshouse for these areas, we will donate 5% of the list price to the National Garden Scheme.

For any location outside Mainland England and Wales, you can request a quote. The delivery address will determine the final cost. 

Our National Garden Scheme prices refer to the glazed structures only. We can provide you with a quote for additional accessories, and can usually recommend local builders to carry out the brick bases and building work. 

To request our standard pricing, or request a custom quote, please contact us.

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Griffin’s glasshouses offer these gardener-friendly features:

  • The beauty of wood without the maintenance.
  • Maximum ventilation prevents plants from drying out or suffering from humidity.
  • Large covered water storage tanks for clean soft rainwater storage help you water plants on hot summer days without harming the roots.
  • Customisable shelves and benches enable adjustments when your growing schemes change.
  • We design cold frames with lids that won’t lift in high winds.
  • Wide doors you can fit wheelbarrows through.


Every glasshouse is unique and so are your needs as a gardener. We can help you create the perfect environment for your plants and accessorise your glasshouse in style. Whatever your chosen style and planting plans, we can manufacture or source a full range of accessories on your behalf. We can also put you in touch with other recommended suppliers. Accessories can include:

  • Benching & shelving
  • Internal water storage solutions
  • Cold frames
  • Lighting

We’ll ensure your glasshouse is fully equipped with everything you need. Plus. we’ll gladly share our advice and experience to help you choose (and spend) wisely.

Other National Garden Scheme Greenhouses

Please note that the photos are for illustrative purposes only. The National Garden Scheme receives 5% of the list price for greenhouses in this collection sold and supplied within mainland England and Wales. The prices quoted are for the glazed structure (excluding accessories) including 20% VAT installed in mainland England and Wales. A small supplement will be applied outside of this area. The prices do not include the brick base but we are happy to provide a quote and organise any building work required.