Griffin launches The Climate Change Greenhouse Gardening Guide

With soaring temperatures taking hold, Griffin Glasshouses, the UK’s leading family-owned glasshouse manufacturer, launches its Climate Change Greenhouse Gardening Guide at Chelsea Flower Show.

“The ten hottest years recorded in the UK were between 2006 and 2023, with 2024 predicted as one of the warmest yet.  The effect on greenhouse gardening is likely to be dramatic with opportunities and potential threats.  Our brief guide focusses on fruit and vegetables and will give owners a clear steer on how to achieve better results under the new, hotter, conditions,” says Linda Lane, managing director of Griffin Glasshouses and the daughter of the business founder (photographed below).

In her foreword, the landscape architect and broadcaster, Bunny Guinness, writes: “The guide highlights both the changes greenhouse owners can make to adjust their gardening to meet the challenges of climate change and identifies opportunities to grow exciting new fruits and vegetables.”

The booklet identifies key changes that should be made for “growing success” and gives top tips for successful fruit and vegetable greenhouse growing.  It also identifies six new crops that can be grown under glass with the higher temperatures.

The guide can be downloaded free of charge from the Griffin Glasshouses website at www.griffinglasshouses.com/climatechange


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