We have lots of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers forming and growing in the greenhouse,
but they desperately need more sunshine to help them ripen. The aubergines are growing
in large pots have been moved outside so the bees and other pollinating insects can do their
work and give me a better crop.

The first tomatoes to be ready are Sungold and already they are utterly delicious but would,
like everything else in the greenhouse and the rest of the garden, be better for some regular
sunshine. At least I’m not having to water the vegetables and flowerpots outside, although
the forecast is for some heat in the second half of the month. Let’s hope that’s right.

The vine is heavy with grapes – and wasps – and use a pair of sharp scissors to thin out some
of the bunches. It is a regular job taking side shoots off tomatoes and keeping them tired
up securely. Keep that hoe going to remove weeds growing around their base and also
away from the peppers and cucumbers. The latter do need a lot of water and must not be
allowed to dry out.

Feeding everything should be a regular weekly task and even on a dull day the temperature
in the greenhouse will be high, so regular watering is absolutely essential. Good ventilation
is also very important.

I plant lettuce seeds on a three weekly basis so that I have a regular crop but August in the
greenhouse can be too hot for the seeds unless shaded and they must be kept moist.

Another regular task is catching bumble bees and butterflies and releasing them outside. I
keep a child’s seaside net on a cane for the butterflies and a jam-jar and thin piece of card to
capture the bumbles as they land on the glass. I cover them with the jar and slide the card
underneath so they can be taken outside. Neither will last very long in the greenhouse in
strong sunshine.

August is a good month to give your greenhouse a thorough check to see what repairs need
to be completed before winter. Making sure that windows and doors close properly is very
important when those cold winds start to blow and replace any broken glass panes.

It is not just the hoe that needs regular use, so does the broom and dust pan and brush.
Keep the greenhouse neat, tidy and clean to prevent disease.

Enjoy those tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables you have been nurturing for so long.

Happy gardening, Linda.


By Linda Lane
Managing director of Griffin Glasshouses

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