New NGS greenhouses

New NGS Lavender greenhouse

Traditionally, Griffin’s greenhouses are tailor-made for each customer and no two greenhouses are the same. However, alongside our bespoke models we have our National Garden Scheme (NGS) collection. The NGS range is our first ever collection of free standing greenhouses for the keen gardener. Each model represents excellent value for money, features beautiful design and includes a 5% donation of the proceeds from the sale to the National Garden Scheme.

Previously the range consisted of five models – Sorrel, Thyme, Fennel, Sage and Rosemary – but we recently expanded this with the addition of two new NGS greenhouses, Lavender and Tarragon.

The two new models have been created following our observations that customers are increasingly preferring larger structures. Therefore, Lavender measures 3.6m x 6.5m, and Tarragon is the largest in the range at 3.6m x 8.1m. Both have a full porch and Tarragon has a double door to offer more space for growing, or even entertaining,


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