Victorian Greenhouse Revival – What You Need in Your Glasshouse

Victorian style aluminium greenhouse
For gardening enthusiasts considering a new greenhouse, one design style stands out: the Victorian greenhouse.


At Griffin Glasshouses, we’ve noticed a trend towards greenhouses that reflect the authentic and practical features common in Victorian greenhouse designs. These include:

  • Highly decorative spandrels
  • Steep pitches to roofs
  • Narrow glass panes
  • Highly decorative finials at the ends of the ridge

We believe that a Victorian greenhouse should be as much a part of your garden as the plants within it. To that end, our Victorian-inspired greenhouses are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical.

You don’t need to build a new Victorian greenhouse to enjoy these features. A high proportion of our work involves replacing older structures or adding onto existing ones. Each Victorian greenhouse design is completely bespoke, and tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

While our Victorian greenhouses may exude classic charm, they are thoroughly modern in design and maintenance. Constructed from the highest quality, maintenance-free aluminium, these structures are both durable and stylish. All bolts and fixings are hidden, and the frames are powder-coated in any colour of your choice.

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