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they are very professional to work with and of an extremely high standard

We would be pleased to endorse this company; they are very professional to work with and of an extremely high standard.

We spent 10 years trying to decide which company to build our new greenhouse! So we were extremely familiar with all the ranges, but this company put themselves out to accommodate our needs without compromising the end result. They are improving their ranges all the time and I know since we used them they have upgraded one or two things.

Mr & Mrs H, NGS Garden Owners, Surrey

We recognised this couple as they had visited our Hampton Court Show stand over the years and they always asked for up to date information. When we first visited them, they had ALL the information from every company they’d ever been sent; all companies in the running had been thoroughly researched. They had a particular style in mind as their glasshouse stands very close to their house in their sizeable garden. The previous greenhouse was hidden by trellises but the new one would be an attractive feature and in keeping with the surroundings to enhance the appearance when they open the garden for the NGS Open Days.

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The new glasshouse looks as if it belongs in the garden

In the garden at Little Priory, we had one Victorian glasshouse sorely in need of repair. We could have replaced it with a timber structure, but decided to do as the Victorians would have done: innovate! We liked the idea of Griffin’s steel and aluminium frame. The new glasshouse looks as if it belongs in the garden – it even slopes down as the old one did. But the modern materials and design mean it will last long into the future, and won’t require regular painting.

Mr & Mrs R, NGS Garden Owners, Surrey

Originally the gardener’s cottage for the ‘big house’, this property contains the original Victorian walled garden complete with several large glasshouses. The one we were asked to replace had 2 partitions containing cherries, kiwis and vines. Having already been replaced with a wooden structure which was already rotting, this project was further complicated as there was a fall of 1m in the ground over its 23m length. We refitted all the vine supports and have been told that the kiwis have been the best ever in the new glasshouse!

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We will recommend Griffin Glasshouses to everyone who asks

We are absolutely thrilled with the glasshouse and would like to say that it has been a real pleasure working and dealing with all of your team. Peter and Duncan worked really hard erecting the glasshouse, never complaining whether raining or scorching sunshine.

We have had many gasps of excitement from friends and family and several have said they are very envious of such a fabulous glasshouse. All that is left now is for me to get my gardening gloves on and get sowing and planting.

We will recommend Griffin Glasshouses to everyone who asks, not just for a great product but a great company to work with too.

Thanks again.

Mrs S, Hampshire

Mr & Mrs S have seen us at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show several times over the years and admired the glasshouses. In 2011 they were interested in the smaller glasshouse on the stand, but when they heard what a good deal could be had on the large glasshouse they decided to buy it. They had acquired some land adjacent to their land and were in the process of making a formal vegetable garden. There was an existing wall against which the glasshouse now sits and, having seen the glasshouse in position, it’s the perfect glasshouse for this garden – the smaller show house would have been lost!

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the best glasshouse I have ever laid eyes on

May I thank you from the entire Commando for your help and expertise in delivering what has to be the best glasshouse I have ever laid eyes on, I am sure the families will be very appreciative of it. Please pass on my thanks to the whole team.

RM Condor, 45 Commando Royal Marines Woodlands Garden Trust, Arbroath

Toby Buckland of BBC Gardener’s World designed and project managed the memorial garden for The Woodlands Garden Trust at RM Condor, Arbroath which features a large glasshouse. They wanted a place for their families, wider friends and supporters of the Commando to reflect, remember and contemplate; a tranquil location for those carrying unseen mental scars to decompress and adjust in the aftermath of operational tours. The location was traditionally the walled kitchen garden for the Commanding Officer, but had fallen into disrepair. Angus College is centrally involved in the project as it will use the garden as a learning and testing ground for many of its vocational students learning artisan trades. The project benefits from expert student labour, complemented by that of the men of the Commando and Angus College has undertaken to maintain the garden in perpetuity to stop it falling into disrepair.

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you have been so helpful and positive, different from all of your competitors

What a thrill it is to have my very own greenhouse. For years we have looked seriously at them at Chelsea especially and never did I think I would actually have one.

From Ian’s initial enquiries you have been so helpful and positive, different from all of your competitors whom we felt were either too snooty to build a modest one for us or who do not offer anything but wood, no use to us in our declining years!!

It fits the space perfectly, looks unobtrusive but elegant. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am not only with the building but also with the charming, unobtrusive and sympathetic way in which you have worked on site….you worked so neatly and did not interrupt me. Thank you so much. We appreciate the long hours you kept and the short time it took – I cannot stop looking at it!

Thank you all again and again, for providing me with what I wanted and not making me feel that a modest greenhouse was an unachievable dream.

Dr T, London

(Note: they are both doctors) Drs T had been looking for a quality glasshouse for their long London garden. They had planned for it to adjoin a new brick shed; it needed to be an attractive feature but not dominating, and in keeping with the period of their home with enough growing space for their seedlings and summer salad crops.

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I will recommend your company to anyone who is interested in a Griffin product

I enclose the final cheque for the greenhouse erected in my garden. I am sure you realise how pleased I am with it and especially the way you and the staff have dealt with the contract… Please be aware that I will recommend your company to anyone who is interested in a Griffin product.

I am sure if we are strategically placed you can send potential customers to view.

Mr A, Herts

Having undergone operations on his knees and therefore mobility was an issue, the client was looking for a stunning glasshouse for his property as the ‘Porsche’ he had always dreamed of would not be a realistic option now. Our door openings allow for wheelchairs as well as wheel barrows, and we fitted his glasshouse with benching and shelving as well as internal water storage with electric pump for irrigation so that Mr A had everything within reach and accessible.

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you have a great team

Thank you for our fantastic glasshouse! We really do appreciate all your hard work and determination to see the project through. Please pass on our thanks to Linda, Peter, Maurice and Paul – you have a great team!!

Mr & Mrs F, Kent

A garden room was required for their terraced house by the sea at Whitstable. Their architect had drawn up plans of what needed to be achieved. Access was not ideal and the neighbours’ either side were not square or parallel to their property so that, coupled with the seaside weather on the north coast of Kent, made for a complicated engineering project.

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It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your family

We are absolutely delighted with the greenhouse that you have made for us. It is something that we have wanted for years and we certainly are not disappointed! It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your family and I hope that some of our friends in Gloucestershire will be coming to you in the future. Thank you very much for your excellent and speedy work.

The Hon Mrs B, Gloucestershire

A larger greenhouse was required to replace an overworked freestanding glasshouse in the kitchen garden in the Cotswolds. It was decided to place the new building against the wall to free up space further forwards possibly for cold frames and other planting. The new glasshouse would be used for cuttings and seedlings, and so was fitted with benching and shelving throughout.

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The greenhouse has been an invaluable asset to our sizeable garden

The greenhouse has been an invaluable asset to our sizeable garden and the new cold frames have proved to be far more effective than the old lids which drove us mad in high winds, blowing all over the garden and were so inflexible when you needed to have them half open when hardening off seedlings.

So thank you and should you wish to use us as a referral for any new clients locally, we would be more than happy to accommodate that.

Mr & Mrs H, Kent

Busy with a young family but keen to ‘grow their own’, the Hs asked us to design a pretty glasshouse to fit against a south facing wall with access at each end. They saw the benefit of collecting water from the glasshouse roof into an internal tank.

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Needless to say if any of our friends need a glasshouse, we will know where to direct them.

We do want to thank you for our new greenhouse, we are delighted with it. Sitting comfortably on the old base, not only does it look good, but until one comes close, it looks the same as our old one without the worry of constant maintenance.

It was a delight to meet and deal with such an efficient family firm, from the time Linda did the first assessment, Paul coming to measure up and finally Peter and Maurice arriving with all the Meccano to put it together. We were most impressed with the way that everything arrived on the site down to the last nut, present and correct. Everything ran to the timetable you gave, which is most unusual these days. Peter and Maurice never stopped and were a delightful pair to have around.

Needless to say if any of our friends need a glasshouse, we will know where to direct them.

Mr and Mrs T, West Sussex

Mr & Mrs T required a replacement for their old rotting wooden glasshouse which had become dangerous to enter. They wanted it to replicate the existing structure as much as possible to remain in keeping with their property. The cacti needed to be removed whilst the old structure was dismantled and the new glasshouse was installed.

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We are very pleased with the new glasshouse

We are very pleased with the new glasshouse you have supplied. There are already plants in the glasshouse sheltering from the first cold night of the winter. We are so glad to have it, it has come just in time.

Mrs W, Hants

Mr & Mrs W were looking for a simple but attractive, top quality glasshouse as it sits in front of their property. Recommended to us by a friend of theirs who also has a Griffin Glasshouse, they found just what they were looking for, and personalised just for them.

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thanks to Paul for his excellent design and attention to detail

Just a note to express how pleased I am with the new glasshouse, and to thank you for undertaking the project.

I appreciate that it was not straightforward, and I would ask you to pass on my thanks to Paul for his excellent design and attention to detail, and particularly the very successful valley gutter. Please also pass my thanks to Peter for his patience and persistence with what was clearly a tricky installation, and also to Michael and Maurice. I was pleased and impressed by the courtesy and good nature of all with whom I have had contact – you can feel confident that you have an excellent team, both staff and family.

Mr L, Dorset

Mr L was looking to replace a commercial size Robinson wooden greenhouse which was partially attached to his house. He wanted a bigger and better version to encompass high raised beds and needed better ventilation and low maintenance. It was further complicated by the fact that he wanted it to attach to the double glazed structure over his kitchen extension.

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your customer service is second to none

I would like to thank everyone at Griffin Glasshouses for all the help and advice I have been given, your customer service is second to none. Peter and his associate are excellent, they work hard and clear up everything, including my untidiness. I am absolutely thrilled with the greenhouse and now think I have got it right!!

Mrs J, Surrey

An old garden summer house had become home to the various plants and garden tools and the building was deteriorating rapidly. A proper glasshouse was required to sit against the wall and provide the correct environment for the plants with a storage area for pots and tools.

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it was a great pleasure to deal with your company

A quick note to say many thanks for the beautiful glasshouse you erected for Castlemartin Estates.

Sir Anthony got his “first preview” of it on 25th December in the early hours of the morning after midnight mass in our little church on the estate. He was overwhelmed by it and, after visiting it again over the Christmas said “you would think that it was always there” it looks so good.

It is a first class production….they are both extremely happy with it. Thanks for all your help and cooperation and it was a great pleasure to deal with your company, with the efficiency and standards that you operate.

Mr K, Estate Manager, Co Kildare

Bought by the owner’s wife as a ‘surprise’ Christmas present for her husband, this large ¾ span glasshouse with gable porch entrance was required to replace a large polytunnel that was the covered growing area used on the estate. It was essential that the glasshouse was smart and fitted in with the original walls within the grounds.

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What has really surprised us is the effectiveness of the ventilation provision and the automatic operation of the opening vents

It is now about three months since the work to our glasshouse was completed with the installation of the staging.

Over these recent months we have used the glasshouse and it has proved to be a great success.

Obviously the new glasshouse is, visually, a tremendous improvement on the old structure. Friends and visitors have been impressed with the appearance and design which have prompted very favourable comments.

What has really surprised us is the effectiveness of the ventilation provision and the automatic operation of the opening vents. Even during the very hot days we have recently experienced the glasshouse has remained at a suitable temperature from which the plants can only benefit.

I thought you would like to know how pleased we are with the glasshouse.

Mr D, Surrey

Mr D needed to replace his ageing wooden greenhouse and insisted on having a glasshouse using modern technologies for minimum maintenance. He particularly wanted full length automatic ventilation; having lived with much smaller manual vents, he immediately found the benefits from having large automated ventilators.

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the construction appears so robust that it will hopefully last indefinitely

A brief note to thank you and your team for the greenhouse you recently constructed for us. My wife and I are delighted with it.

The design is exactly what we envisaged and the construction appears so robust that it will hopefully last indefinitely.

Mr G, Bucks

The client lived in a newly built house and wanted to enhance the property by adding a glasshouse to the garage wall. We designed a gable attached glasshouse which fitted in perfectly so that they had the maximum benefit of growing area for the plants required within the house and garden.

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all round you have a very satisfied customer

The purpose of this letter is simply to say how delighted we are with our glasshouse and how glad we are that we selected you to build and install it for us. It is now adorned with some exotic plants and cuttings and is much admired by all who visit us at The Old Dairy. Your son was a pleasure to have…so all round you have a very satisfied customer.

Mrs C, Devon

A glasshouse was required that needed to be in keeping with the surrounding buildings. We scalloped the flashing to tie-in with that clearly seen on the houses adjacent. The new glasshouse needed to be attractive as it sits in front of the property.

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the finished structure speaks for itself

Just a note to tell you how delighted we are with our new glasshouse and how much we appreciated the efficient and punctual manner with which the work was carried out. Despite the considerable access difficulties, Peter and his men worked like Trojans without complaint in conditions that were far from ideal. It made the whole “experience” a pleasure and completely free of the usual difficulties of any building work.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to others although I have to say that the finished structure speaks for itself.

Mr H, Surrey

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excellent job done

Many thanks for an excellent job done. Your son worked extremely hard, often in difficult conditions and he deserves special congratulations.

Mr B, Surrey

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