Griffin greenhouse home to a national collection


Amanda Whittaker

National Collection of Crassula

I wanted a customised and high quality greenhouse and the Griffin range ticked all the right boxes in terms of authentic styling, cost and low maintenance

Plant enthusiasts can now enjoy the National Collection of Crassula species beautifully housed in a Griffin Glasshouses’ greenhouse in Hook which incorporates traditional Victorian style architectural features.

With over 100 different species within the Collection, plantaholic Amanda Whittaker from Hook in Hampshire has been awarded National Collection status and has steadily built up the plant group in her bespoke Griffin greenhouse.

“My 3x3m greenhouse is the perfect size for our small garden and for housing my National Collection. I have always been interested in succulents and the ways in which they have evolved to adapt to their environment. I was given a small Ripsalis as a child from an uncle who was head gardener at the time and who had an amazing greenhouse jam-packed full of bizarre looking plants.”

“My dream was to become a plant hunter, like the heroes I had read about; Joseph Banks, Daniel Solander, Carl Thunberg for example, but having a young family meant that this was going to be out of the question. I then came across Plant Heritage, and as they say, the seed was sown. If I couldn’t go out into habitat to study and collect plants, then looking after a National Collection was the next best thing.”

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