Modern & Victorian Greenhouse

Griffin Glasshouses specialises in crafting exquisite bespoke Modern and Victorian Greenhouses for passionate gardeners in the UK and around the world. We also offer a carefully curated selection of Victorian greenhouses for the National Garden Scheme, catering to the discerning needs of gifted gardeners.

Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need expert guidance, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. We understand the unique requirements of committed gardeners and will help you make informed decisions to bring your dream greenhouse to life.

Greenhouse Collections

“I recently purchased a Rosemary glasshouse from Griffin. The completed glasshouse looks absolutely stunning. The quality of the build and materials are first class and excellent value for money.
From the first interaction with the company, through design, build and installation, they have consistently exceeded my expectations. All the employees who helped with my project, from the Managing Director down to the installation teams have been professional, friendly and always willing to help.
I would recommend Griffin Glasshouses without hesitation. They really are a fantastic business. You may need to wait a while to get your glasshouse as they are extremely busy (always a good sign) but believe me it is well worth the wait.” JK
“I chose a Griffin Glasshouse because the business is entirely owned and operated by one Family. Following initial contact their Managing Director flew to Scotland to discuss requirements and assess the proposed site. Her proposal was accepted and a further visit by another colleague was undertaken to confirm exact measurements. Thereafter construction in Hampshire commenced and the structure was brought to Scotland and assembled by Paul and Matt.
I’m now the proud and fully satisfied owner of a high-quality Griffin Glasshouse.” DE
"Overall the service and attention to detail given by Griffin Glasshouses was excellent." Lindy Farrell, Oxford

Why Gardeners Choose Griffin

Whether you are starting to “grow your own” or need a new home for your flourishing orchid collection, you will greatly appreciate the many features of our glasshouses designed to create the very best environment for your plants to thrive.

Planning Your Greenhouse

A new glasshouse is usually a once in a lifetime purchase. We understand that the opportunity to create something new and special is extremely exciting but also possibly more than a little daunting. By asking yourself these questions, you can be confident that nothing important is overlooked and that you’ll be thrilled with your new glasshouse for many years to come.


Griffin Glasshouses is a British family business with more than 50 years’ experience delivering the highest quality glasshouses, backed by a lifetime structural guarantee. Our customers tell us how much they value the personalised service we provide and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the same people will always be on hand for any future needs.

Our Customers

Over the years gardeners like you have talked to us about what’s important to them when choosing a new greenhouse or replacing a wooden greenhouse and we have listened. The result is that our greenhouses offer many practical solutions to gardeners’ needs.

Mr & Mrs Hickman

Dr Adrian Cooper

Captain Lewis

Mr Roger Taylor

Mr and Mrs Ramsay


“We spent 10 years trying to decide which company to build our new greenhouse! …this company put themselves out to accommodate our needs without compromising the end result.”

Mr & Mrs Hickman


Download your Griffin Greenhouse Planning Guide here

The First Greenhouse Challenge

The Hickmans from Surrey had long deliberated over the decision to purchase their first new greenhouse. For their first project they had thoroughly researched all the companies. Eventually, they decided on a beautiful greenhouse from Griffin Glasshouses’ National Garden Scheme collection. Their design of choice was the Griffin Sage greenhouse. 

Then, the family moved. Who did they turn to for a greenhouse on their new property? 

Of course, the answer was obvious. 

The Second Greenhouse Challenge

The Hickmans wanted the same quality they found before. This time, there was an added challenge: they downsized. 

Was it possible to get the same high-quality Victorian greenhouse, but in a smaller design?

The Solution – 5 Reasons Why Griffin why the Hickmans Chose Griffin

Once again, Griffin delivered exactly what the situation called for. This was in the form of:

  • A Thyme greenhouse
  • The greenhouse measures 2.6m x 3.7m
  • The structure includes a feature porch

In summary, Julia mentions the following as her reasons for not hesitating to pick Griffin Greenhouses:

  1. They are attractive in design
  2. The greenhouse requires little maintenance
  3. The family can utilise it all year round
  4. Griffin Greenhouse products always please clients
  5. The company also offers exceptional service


The Hickmans plan to use the greenhouse throughout the year. This will include:

  • Growing seeds in the spring
  • Producing tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer
  • Storing their tender garden plants over the autumn and winter

A Note on Griffin’s Partnership with Charity

Both the Sage and Thyme glasshouses are from Griffin’s National Garden Scheme collection. The charity receives 5% of the proceeds from every greenhouse sold.

Whatever you have in mind and wherever you are in your planning process, we are here to help you, so do get in touch as we’ll be delighted to discuss your project.

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