Finally, a Greenhouse that will Last a Lifetime


Henry Bradshaw


We are absolutely delighted with our new greenhouse, finally we have our dream greenhouse and we intend to make the most of it.

When the Bradshaws from Norwich bought their dream home 30 years ago, they also inherited two dilapidated Victorian lean to greenhouses. These, after many repair jobs over the course of 15 years, required replacing.

Empty Promises

Henry Bradshaw approached a local greenhouse provider who offered a wooden three quarter span greenhouse to replace the two old Victorian greenhouses. He expressed his concerns at the time that the wood was not cedar and would rot after a few years. However, the vendor assured Henry that they would pressure treat it and it ‘would last a lifetime!’

“It was soon apparent that the lifetime promised was relatively short, the ridge line collapsed two years ago making the repair uneconomic,” explains Henry.

“I reviewed the market again and considered a few suppliers. In the light of my previous experience I had changed the specification to a lean to and had accepted that wood had severe limitations. I found generally that the build quality of the ones I reviewed was unsatisfactory or the price quoted was more than I was prepared to pay.”

The Right Greenhouse at Last

That was until he visited the Chelsea Flower Show. There, a greenhouse which Griffin Glasshouses put on display instantly drew his attention.

“I was so impressed with the build quality and finish. The fact that it was an aluminium greenhouse was also very appealing. Having met with Griffin Glasshouses’ Managing Director, I wasted no time and placed an order for an aluminium greenhouse. I was also fortunate to find a local owner of one of their products who could give me an independent assessment of dealing with the firm.”

The specification of the Bradshaws’ new greenhouse are:

  • 35m x 2.4m
  • Entrance lobby of 1m x 2.35m
  • 15m tall at the back
  • 95m tall at the front

They use this unit for growing a variety of plants, fruit and vegetables.

“There is a red and a white grape vine rooted on the outside that leads into the greenhouse. In addition I will be planting a peach and a nectarine on the back wall. On the right arm the raised beds will have tomatoes and cucumbers with a kiwi fruit on the end wall. Two citrus bushes will be planted either side of the entrance lobby,” says Henry.

An internal steel frame fully supports the greenhouse structure and it’s independent of the brickwork that forms the enclosure. An automatic roof vent with temperature activated windows vents take care of ventilation inside. The Bradshaws can also collect rainwater and maintain it at an ambient temperature in two internal tanks.

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May I thank you from the entire Commando for your help and expertise in delivering what has to be the best greenhouse I have ever laid eyes on.