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Almost all Griffin Glasshouses can now be fitted with ‘fold away’ benches to give more growing space during the season. The company’s patented folding staging design provides ideal accommodation for seed boxes and pot plants but, when the growing season arrives, can be simply folded down to reveal the growing area. “It is a very […]

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The recent gales – and forecasts of more to come shortly – have blown an unexpected bonus to a local specialist glasshouse company. Griffin Glasshouses of Ropley near Winchester has received requests to repair storm damage with costs ranging from more than £80,000 to restore a Victorian structure to a few pounds to put in […]

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Griffin Glasshouses, the family owned creators and manufacturers of bespoke greenhouses for connoisseur garden owners, has launched a collection of five designs in support of the National Garden Scheme. All glasshouses in the National Garden Scheme collection are named after garden herbs and Griffin donates 5% of the proceeds to the charity. Each year the […]

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British glasshouse enthusiasts are driving a revival of interest in Victorian design and architecture according to the UK’s leading bespoke producer. The family run Griffin Glasshouses of Ropley near Winchester in Hampshire has identified a clear trend over the past five years and now, the majority of their made-to-measure designs reflect the specialist features that […]

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John Harrison has been growing vegetables on his own allotment for many years. His website is the most popular allotment site in the UK, full of help and advice on vegetable & fruit growing and cooking. John is passionate about the quality of our food and uses many organic methods, working with nature rather than […]

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Linda Lane, Managing Director at Griffin Glasshouse explains the company’s long-standing approach to sustainability “We have a responsibility to keep our impact on the environment to an absolute minimum and therefore it is important that through our business and manufacturing activities, we act positively to reduce or eliminate waste and pollution.” Griffin Glasshouses seeks to […]