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Growing ornamentals and edibles, planting trees and even having a lawn in the garden all make a positive impact on the environment, but some of the products used around the garden can unbalance the benefits these bring. There are some very simple changes that gardeners can make to create a more sustainable garden, from reducing […]

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A busy season combined with the slowdown of growth in the winter months can mean that by the time spring arrives your greenhouse may be a in need of a good spring clean. Linda Lane, managing director of Griffin Glasshouses, which has more than 50 years experience manufacturing bespoke glasshouses, advises greenhouse owners to use […]

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Traditional greenhouse in the snow

When the crisp autumnal mornings have past, and the long, hot days of summer are distant memories, the winter blues can often set in. Particularly for gardeners. A greenhouse can be a great way to keep green-fingers working all year round by extending the growing season and offering protection to plants. Winter needn’t mean the […]

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Large Victorian greenhouse

Glasshouses have long been a sign of status and luxury. Traditionally glasshouses were built to serve a purpose when used to home exotic plants and create climates they were familiar with. They were a purely functional space for growing plants and providing a means of protection and climate control for plants to thrive. In time, […]

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Victorian greenhouse benching and folding shelves

Growing plants under glass means you can control temperature to maximise healthy plant growth, while also providing protection from the elements. With the right structure, gardening can happen all year round, no matter the weather. However, choosing the best structure can be challenging as there are many options available. Let’s discuss a few options, to […]

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Greenhouse maintenance and cleaning

A greenhouse can serve many purposes, particularly in the varied Great British climate! It can provide a space to allow plants, fruit and vegetables to grow and thrive under protection. It can also grant you the chance to keep gardening even when the weather turns against you! To allow this valuable outdoor space opportunity to […]

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Large Victorian greenhouse in autumn

While aluminium greenhouses are generally low-maintenance, an autumn clean and clear out greatly improves the growing environment of plants.  By simply removing the algae, moss and grime, the greenhouse will benefit from more light which helps tackle pests and diseases. According to one of the UK’s leading greenhouse makers, Griffin Glasshouses, now is a good […]

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Aluminium greenhouse in the snow

Help keep your plants strong and healthy this winter. Before the frosts set in prepare your greenhouse for winter to protect the less hardy plants against the ravages of the cold weather. According to one of the country’s leading greenhouse manufacturers, you need to follow some simple guidelines to keep them strong and healthy. Linda […]