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Greenhouse in the autumn

Growing in your greenhouse during the winter is not only possible, but many flowers and vegetation thrive in the cooler months.  Winter greenhouse growing allows gardeners to extend the season, creating year-round gardening opportunities. According to one of the country’s leading glasshouse makers, Griffin Glasshouses, if you are an avid greenhouse gardener, there is no […]

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Large Victorian greenhouse in autumn

While aluminium greenhouses are generally low-maintenance, an autumn clean and clear out greatly improves the growing environment of plants.  By simply removing the algae, moss and grime, the greenhouse will benefit from more light which helps tackle pests and diseases. According to one of the UK’s leading greenhouse makers, Griffin Glasshouses, now is a good […]

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Traditional aluminium greenhouse

The maker of one of Britain’s most iconic greenhouses has given some timely advice about keeping plants cool in the summer sun. Paul Smith, the Technical Director of Griffin Glasshouses, producers of bespoke and the National Garden Scheme range, warns that even in overcast weather the temperature inside can reach levels that are harmful to […]

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High quality aluminium greenhouse

An elegant feature in its own right, a greenhouse or orangery can undoubtably increase your garden’s potential by opening new growing opportunities, but thorough planning is essential. To choose the right greenhouse for your individual requirements and use it effectively, Linda Lane, Managing Director of Griffin Glasshouses, recommends that you consider the following points before […]

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Aluminium greenhouse in the snow

Help keep your plants strong and healthy this winter. Before the frosts set in prepare your greenhouse for winter to protect the less hardy plants against the ravages of the cold weather. According to one of the country’s leading greenhouse manufacturers, you need to follow some simple guidelines to keep them strong and healthy. Linda […]

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John Harrison gives seasonal growing tips

For a great source of growing tips, we recommend John Harrison’s allotment website.  John has been growing vegetables on his own allotment for many years and his website is the most popular allotment site in the UK, full of help and advice on vegetable & fruit growing and cooking. John is passionate about the quality […]